NRG ‘BBPH’ Hydraulic Basketball Poles



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NRG Hydraulic Basketball Poles

NRG Hydraulic Basketball hoop is the finest engineered competition portable in the world utilizing the Hydraulic technology

• The maintenance-free Hydraulic mechanism is designed for balanced and effortless lifting/lowering of the unit

• The unique mechanism is concealed inside the base for safety and appearance

• A superbly designed extension arm made of fully welded, heavy wall rectangular tubing is patterned which is universally considered the most structurally stable competition portable

• The extension arm and heavy duty uprights eliminate the need for unsightly bridge supports, giving the fans a clear view of the court

• It comes equipped with an official size shatter proof glass backboard, our original backboard padding and a positive lock breakaway goal

• The base is fully padded on three sides with vinyl covered high density polyurethane foam

• The front upright is similarly padded

• Meets NCAA, NAIA, NFHS and NBA main court specifications and is approved design by FIBA for high level international competition

• Boom pad and floor anchoring system are included with the unit

• Shot clock supports are sold separately.

Serial No: Name: Model NO Size (m): Standard:

NRGBBP-A NRG Hydraulic Basketball Pole / BBPH Height=305cm, Stretch=2.55m FIBA


Materials: High Quality Steel,
Height : 305cm (adjustable)
Stretch 2.55 m
Color : Blue, Orange, Green, Red
Protective cover: Blue, Orange, Green, Red
Shot Clock: Digital
Characteristics : Height adjustable; movable;
Acid and alkali, damp and hot,
UV Resistance
GB1771-91 36 hours salt spray test,
No change

Warranty clause :

⦁    The Basketball Poles are covered by NRG Manufacturer’s Material warranty for the period of three years.
⦁    Poles Base and Structure warranty three years.
⦁    Hydraulic System warranty one year.
⦁    Warranty is subject to proper maintenance by the professionals as per defined parameters.
⦁    The Poles should be free of any defects.
⦁    Poles are for indoor use only
⦁    Do not put any sharp items on the Pole Base Box or on the cover.
⦁    Do not use any harmful chemicals on the material.
⦁    Do not expose the material to extreme weather conditions extreme Hot or Cold as it will cause the color to fade and develop rust.

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