NRG ‘TA’ Foldable Tennis Table


NRG ‘TA’ Foldable Tennis Table

Size: 2740mm*1525mm*760mm

Style: Indoor

Material : NRG

Material Advantage: Durable, Waterproof, Sun protection

Function: Suitable for match, training and entertainment

Support Leg: Ø 60mm Steel Pipe

Package: Plain cardboard

Serial No : NRGTT-A3

Color: Blue and red or customized

Foldable: YES

Material of frame: 20X40mm square steel

Net Height: 152mm

Table Height: 760mm

Thickness : 12mm


Warranty clause :

⦁    The Table Tennis Table covered by NRG Manufacturer’s Material warranty for the period of three years.
⦁    Warranty is subject to proper maintenance by the professionals as per defined parameters.
⦁    The Table should be free of any defects.
⦁    Tables are for indoor use only
⦁    Do not leave any sharp or heavy items on the Table.
⦁    Do not use any harmful chemicals on the Surface.
⦁    Do not expose the surface to extreme weather conditions extreme Hot or Cold as it will cause the materials to expand and contract.
⦁    Tables should be cleaned using a NRG recommended material.

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