NRGBBP-A3 International Standard Sport BasketBall


NRGBBP-A3 International Standard Sport BasketBall

Basic Info
Product name: Featured Product
Raw Material: High grade steel pipe
Warranty: 3-5 years
Surface Treatment: Double layer electrostatic epoxy powder
Packing: Safety 4 layer package: 2st EPE & 2nd Weaving Sack
Lead Time: 20-30 days
Minimum Order : : 1 , Pieces

1.High quality material : galvanized steel is used, with characteristics of safety, durability ,

high anti-acid, high moisture-resisting.General factory use carbon steel, with poor anti-acid and moisture-

resisting.Especially,carbon steel tube is easy to corrode and rust under humid climate.

2.Double electrostatic epoxy powder painting:material sprayed is safe and environmental

,with feature of anti-UV.Usually speaking, general factory adopt single-layer spray,which has bad performance

in coloring effect .It’s easy to fade and color will change under high temperature .

3.Strong stainless screws and nuts.


Warranty clause :

⦁    The Basketball Poles are covered by NRG Manufacturer’s Material warranty for the period of three years.
⦁    Poles Base and Structure warranty three years.
⦁    Hydraulic System warranty one year.
⦁    Warranty is subject to proper maintenance by the professionals as per defined parameters.
⦁    The Poles should be free of any defects.
⦁    Poles are for indoor use only
⦁    Do not put any sharp items on the Pole Base Box or on the cover.
⦁    Do not use any harmful chemicals on the material.
⦁    Do not expose the material to extreme weather conditions extreme Hot or Cold as it will cause the color to fade and develop rust.

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