NRG fitness systems focused in the Benelux in the distribution of fitness and wellness products in each segment. Through our unique way of working, we are able to draw up a large set of requirements for our suppliers. The brands we represent are therefore quality, service and innovation. With the main terms after sales instead of sales, we provide our customers with a comprehensive, personalized approach which is unique within this time. Our well known brands are NRG, Body Solid, Bowflex BH Fitness, Finnlo and Nautilus. These brands fitness and sports equipment are very high reputation worldwide. These brands we distribute in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg and other continents. A large part of this complete collections we keep ourselves in stock, all other equipment is supplied in collaboration with our suppliers in Germany and Spain. By this way of working we keep delivery times as short as possible while we do offer all products within the range of our brands. Through our unique approach, we are capable of supplying the best product build under the international standards environment, and according to the needs and requirements of world over sports federations thus we can satisfy our worldwide suppliers. Our premium brands of Sports and fitness equipment are of very high reputation. These brands we distribute worldwide in accordance with the needs and requirements of the suppliers. Since 1993 as a largest Sports and Fitness equipment Producers and suppliers in the Europe, we are serving the industry keeping in view the needs and requirements of ever changing modern era. The complete service settlement, both inside and outside the warranty is provided by our service partner FSS and distributors. Health Service & Support. Through our unique, professional team, you always benefit from the ability to approach anyone directly. Do not hesitate to work with us to improve your health!.


NRG Sports Guarantee its products against possible faults and /or defects under certain requirements and normal wear and tear conditions.
The Guarantee is valid for 1 year, from the date of delivery.

Warranty Term & Conditions

Scope of the warranty
1. The Warranty covers the repair and replacement of partial and /or these parts which have been agreed by both parties to be defective, due to visible manufacturing faults of the goods only.
2. The indemnity excludes any cost exceeding the direct cost of the repairs and replacements and under no circumstances it shall exceed the original value of the goods supplied.
3. NRG Sports guarantees its product under normal wear and tear conditions.

Exclusions form the Warranty
The warranty is excluded in the following cases:
1. In case of reporting of faults and /o defects have been made more than 10 days after discovery. Such reporting shall be in writing only.
2. In case of that not keeping the use of the goods within its intended and specified sport use.
3. When deterioration or damages to the product is due to natural catastrophe, fire, flooding, heavy pollution,extreme weather conditions, contact and spill of various chemical substances and solvents.
4.Act of vandalism,improper use of abuse and negligence in general.
5. When replacements and repairs have been made by third party prior to reporting faults and /or defects.
6. When the installation has not been done per user manual and not using quality installation accessories and materials as specified by NRG Sports.

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