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NRG Wushu Mat/Field

Get maximum shock absorption with NRG Wushu Mat, thick, high performance mat. Closed-cell, cross-linked athletic foam will never harden or shrink ,allowing mats to maintain performance throughout their life.

NRG Wushu Mat is the finest in the industry and it is proudly made in accordance with the IWF approved Specifications and Standard measurements. This is the mat choice of many of the best wushu competition programs in the world.

Serial No: Name: Model Size: (m) Standard:
NRGWuM-A NRG Wushu Mat /WM 2500 Width:2mx 5rolls=10m;Length:16m IWF


This field is made up of three parts:

Mat Materials: XPE Mat Size: Width:2mx 5rolls=10m; Length:16mVinyl : Antimicrobial safeguard against bacteria Growth

⦁ Carpet (Optional ) Separately SoldSize: 10x16m

⦁ Wooden Field (Optional ) Separately SoldSize: 10x16mx0.5mCompetition area: 8x14mThickness: 9cm, Total area 10x16m, Feature:

1- Surface layer: Blending blanket, feeling comfortable, with anti static process.

2.Flexible layer: Adopt high power XPE materials, which absorb the wallop when the player falling from high, have good shock absorption and cushion function.

3.Connecting layer: Plywood board, connect the whole field to a complete one, can prevent some parts from sinking, and have good integrity feeling.

4.Elastic layer: Adopt high strength sponge, with character of moderate elasticity, fast reaction and no dandles.the color of surface carpet is uniform. No electrostatic induction occurs after friction and no obvious deformation occurs after being pressed.


Warranty clause :

⦁ The Wushu Mats are covered by NRG Manufacturer’s Material warranty for the period of three years.
⦁ Warranty is subject to Fix Installation of the Mats Field and proper maintenance by the professionals as per defined parameters.
⦁ The mats should be free of any defects.
⦁ Mats should be used either barefoot or with non-marking Martial arts or wrestling shoes.
⦁ Mats are for indoor use only
⦁ Do not leave any sharp or heavy items on the Mats.
⦁ Do not use any harmful chemicals on the material.
⦁ Do not expose the material to extreme weather conditions extreme Hot or Cold as it will cause the materials to expand and contract.
⦁ Mats should be cleaned using a damp mop and NRG recommended disinfectant (Corona Eliminator)

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